BIDIRCO Transforming the traditional paper and plastic and mouth-to-mouth supports into a dynamic and virtual innovative way.



Our achievements were only possible with the support of many people and organizations that have accompanied us in recent years.

As part of our history, we are proud to share their brand and contribution to the success of our project.


Designing Biplant 0.0 solution

Biplant prototype

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Analytics, Metrology and test data

Biplant 1.0 Maintenance

Biplant Renault PUET Board & Analytics, Tdb Indicators

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SHOP4CF Program Manager

SHOP4CF Tech Partners

SHOP4CF Tech Partners

SHOP4CF Tech Partners


SHOP4CF is an H2020 Program that supports innovative proposals linking human welfare and working conditions in industrial environments and technologies.
The program approved Bidirco's proposal, involving a consortium between Bidirco Engineering Systems, Indeve - Desenvolvimento Empresarial and Eurogalva - Galvanização e Metalomecânica.
The solution pretends to develop an interactive graphical tool to support human operators in managing and controlling the respective workstation.
The tool, in the form of an app, aggregates information from support areas (Safety, Quality, Maintenance, and Process Engineering), presents real-time key performance indicators, and allows requesting help from support areas.
The main goal: addressing Human Factors at the shop-Floor Level by placing the operator at the operation's core:
Reduce operator workload
Improve operator efficiency
Reduce operator error by supporting the execution of checklists at key workstation's lifecycle moments
Reduce the response time to events due to improved communication

Implementation period - Between October 2022 and May 2023.

Program promoter
TUM - Technische Universität München

Mentoring and Support entities
DTI - Danish Technological Institute
TAU - Tampere University


BIDIRCO - Engineering Systems, Lda. submitted an application to QREN – Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional.
The Project applied for the “Operational Program of Competitiveness Factors”, in conformity with the tender’s notification no. 03/SI/2012, according to the Regulations of the Incentive Systems to Innovation, was considered eligible on 25th October 2012.

The Project No.2012/26656 was approved under the following investment amounts:
Total Investment: 104.807,36€
Eligible Investment: 104.807,36€
Repayable Investment: 78.605,52€
Achievement Bonus: 50.599,23€

The foreseen deadlines to cover this investment plan are:
Beginning: 01-09-2012
Ending: 31-08-2013